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Even though I don’t dabble in the fashion world as much as I used to, my love for clothing and unique style will never go away (especially around fall season.) To fill you fashion lovers in on some of the latest must-have items, I have invited fashion blogger Sharron Miles Gilty, creator of dresschickeepitcheap.com, to share her thoughts.


Here’s Sharron!

Although I continue to embrace the warmer weather, the reality that fall is here is mind blowing. In so many areas around the globe (especially in Chicago) it seems as though the summer weather was never consistent and neither has “getting dressed” from day to day. From summer dresses one day to long pants and blazers the next, it has definitely been a challenge keeping up.

On November 2nd it will be time to turn our clocks back (i.e. daylights saving). Our days will be shorter and our temperatures cooler in most climates. Its unfortunate that some of us will relate all of these noticeable changes to colder weather and the winter that will follow. These changes are grueling for some but exciting for others who prefer cooler weather. This change will truly bring about a transition to our wardrobes. This is a great time for a closet decluttering session that will assist us in the transition from summer to fall. So, when the clocks Fall Back this year create a Fashionably Forward look all your own!
In transitioning your wardrobe to the cooler weather, consider incorporating one or more of these five items to stretch your wardrobe into the fall.

Sharron's favorite five for fall 2014.

Sharron’s favorite five for fall 2014.

1. Maxi skirt/maxi dress/the shift dress!
These garments create an amazing look when you add blazers, sweaters (i.e. cardigans are a good choice) and shirts underneath and or on top of these summer favorites. A blue jean jacket, blazer or shirt is an awesome piece to add as well. Transition from flat sandals to flat (riding) boots and booties or clogs.   Adding a colored tight will create a little more warmth and excitement.
Fashion faux pas: Do not wear very thin or flimsy (dress/skirt) materials during the fall. Be sure your socks/tights are light weight and not of a heavier wool.
On Trend for Fall 2014: The midi skirt (slightly below the knee) is a trend this fall. Be sure to add this length to your choice of skirts. the extreme turtle neck sweater is also a very popular look this fall. It can be paired with any of the items listed above. Lightweight is best during the start of the season.

2. Rompers/jumpsuits!
These items can be paired with socks or tights (which gives a truly fashion forward look). Adding a blazer, sweater or long sleeved shirt underneath or on top will give you the warmth and style needed during the cooler weather.
Fashion faux pas: Stay clear from thin/flimsy materials during the cooler weather.
On Trend for Fall 2014: Overalls, jumpsuits and rompers will definitely be on the scene this fall with a more masculine and looser silhouette The wide leg pants will also be a look this fall.
3. Shorts!
Confidently wear your shorts with socks and or tights. Add your summer peep toes or sandals. You can also pull out your fashionable boot with this look. Adding a long sweater coat with boots, booties or heels will give you a peekaboo effect with your shorts. These additions to shorts will definitely give you a “fashion on the edge” look that will separate you from all the rest.
Fashion faux pas: Do not wear booty shorts (i.e. shorts wear your cheeks are hanging out even with the tights on. If your shorts are tight, choose a looser or oversized top/sweater. Stay away from thin and or limsy shorts during the cooler weather.
On Trend for Fall 2014: Pleather/Leather shorts will be a fashionable look this fall.

4. The traditional legging: This is definitely a seasonable item that can be worn with your shorter skirts and dresses. They can be paired with your boots, booties, and peep toe shoes.

MI_Sharron's Leggins
Fashion faux pas: If you are wearing a legging solo be sure that your shirt, sweater, and or blazer skims your hips. For hippier women, be sure to wear leggings with a tunic/dress or longer blazer/sweater. Make certain that your upper garment is not just as tight as your leggings. A tighter top and bottom combined
will find you on the pages of “The Fashion Police” or an episode of “What Not to Wear.”
On Trend for Fall 2014: Looser fitting jogging style pants (with a more fitted look around the ankle) are the latest rage this fall.

5. PeepToes/SlingBack/and Sandals!
Wear some of these shoes year round especially when there is no snow on the ground. A pop of color with a tight or sock will give these shoes an extra added flair. Pair them with jeans/skirts/pants for an even more excitement.
Fashion faux pas: Be sure to use your style judgement as to the correct shoes that do not appear seasonable and would look completely out of season and odd during the cooler months.
On Trend for Fall 2014: Various styled ankle socks paired with sandals and heels are all over the fashion magazines this season.
ChicCheap Fashion Tips:
* Add a light scarf and accessories to any of the looks above to make more of a fashion statement.
* Be sure to wear your clothes with confidence.
* Be sure to transition to your newer colors for your manis and pedis.
* Give yourself a new look by switching up your haircolor/cut. This will truly give you a completed transformation from “head to toe.”
When your clock Falls Back take the Fashion Forward plunge and transition smoothly into some of these looks. Step out of your comfort zone! Have fun as you mix and mingle your seasonable garments with the more trendier items. Aways remember, in order to DRESSCHIC and “keep it cheap” shop for your looks from thrift/resale/consignment/vintage/retail stores. “From Resale to Retail” you can create Fashion Forward looks that make your style “stand out” in the crowd.

How will you incorporate these ideas this fall season? Share your pics with us on Facebook, Instagram (dresschickeepitcheap) and Twitter (@dresschiccheap) and use the hashtag: #fallbackfashionforward.

Fashion blogger Sharron Miles Gilty

Fashion blogger Sharron Miles Gilty

Thanks Sharron! For more style info visit dresschickeepitcheap.com.

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