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I've been hitting the canvas again.

Time to unveil the latest creation.

This September marked the third consecutive year that I donated a piece of original art to the Project Osmosis Benefit Silent Auction. When searching for an idea, my good buddy, Stacy Tolbert, challenged me to tap into my dark side and do something that had to do with the creative process. The idea got me hyped and ready to draw and paint. The problem was that nothing I ended up producing felt right.

Tapping into my “dark” side was turning out to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be. The problem was that I’m a person who loves bright colors, so how was I supposed to complete my mission of being “dark”? Then it hit me; I could create a piece that would be a sort of tribute to a style of art I’ve always admired – comic book art! This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while because I love the emotion portrayed in the old school comics and I love the use of the hard lines and rich colors from those images. So, after taking a bunch of selfies I came up with the pose and worked from there. The end result was an 11×14 acrylic painting I call “The Creative Process: Frustration.”

You’ve had one of those moments when things just don’t go as smoothly in real life as you planned them in your head, right? All you want to do is scream! Whether that scream helps you in some way is an individual thing. At the very least it’s a release of tension. The point is that being frustrated is something we all can relate to, especially if you’re a creative.

MI_Frustration_The Creative Process SeriesMy latest painting is titled “The Creative Process: Frustration” created in acrylic and ink.

After working on this project I have decided to make this a series. “Frustration” is just one of six pieces in the “Creative Process” collection. I am happy to say that the piece was bidded on during the silent auction at the Project Osmosis Annual Benefit. Chicago graphic designer and instructor Lisa Moran was the winner of the bid.

Lisa Moran is the proud owner of "The Creative Process: Frustration."

Lisa Moran placed the highest bid on my painting during the Project Osmosis Annual Benefit. She is now the proud owner of “Frustration.”

Once all the other pieces are completed I will be sure to share them with you (just in case you’d like to purchase one, wink-wink). In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Project Osmosis or make a donation to the non-profit organization, please visit the website at www.projectosmosis.org.

Until next time…