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MI_DuSable_OnlookersGuest stop by to take in the A.R.T. at the DuSable Arts & Crafts festival.

Recently I posted a message on Facebook that said “Feeling very blessed today.” “Blessed” because I set a goal for myself a couple of months back and I accomplished it. That goal, which many of you know, was to take part in the DuSable Arts & Crafts Festival this year. I’m happy to say that the event was a great success thanks to many of you!

Fest Pic 1Take a peek at some of the accessories created by K-Fleye Designs.

One thing is for sure. This past weekend has given me a whole new respect for the vendors who do festivals on a regular. Between making merchandise, setting up the tent, creating an inviting space and pleasantly greeting the public to sell product, I was completely exhausted. But despite how tired I am, I will say that the A.R.T. (Assembled Raw Talent) Experience, which included the works of my Creative Spirit Sistas Kelley Moseley and Suzette Opara, was completely worth it. The weather was beautiful both days, our location was great and people liked my work enough to purchase it. Who could ask for more than that?

Fest  pic 2Maya Ross charms customers into our tent to make an A.R.T. purchase.

I want to say a sincere “thank you” to all my family, friends and even the new friends I made at Washington Park this past weekend. I realize that you could have used your time to do a multitude of things, but instead you chose to come hang out with me and my partners in A.R.T. For that I am extremely grateful.

MI_ART CrewSuzette Opara, Kelley Moseley Paul and me taking half a second in the day to stand still long enough for a group shot.

Special thanks goes out to Rhonda Jackson, Vernon Lockhart, Lonnie and Fasia, Lisa Moran, Dorothy Parham, Valerie Parham, Tracey Paynes, Vicky Prince, Keith Purvis, Maya Ross, Hilda Russell and LaTonya Saqiid for purchasing my creations to place in your homes. Your support means more than words can say.

MI_DuSable_RhondaBig hug to Rhonda Jackson for being my first customer.

And a very, very,very special thank you to my husband for staying up with me on late nights of production, for using his creative vision to “BlaGyver” our space and for helping to set up and break down for the event. You are truly appreciated and loved.

It’s time to get back into “writing mode” now, but when the spirit moves me to create new material I will do so. Hopefully you all will be around to Experience A.R.T. this time next year to get first dibs on all the good stuff.

Until next time,


Photos by Nikki B and M.Parham