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Happy Daddy Day to all the father’s out there doing their best each and everyday to take care of their families. I salute you for doing an often thankless job that some refuse to take part in, and others have chosen to embrace. To the embracers, you are appreciated.

Since I’m a woman, I can’t say that I know anything firsthand about being a father, but I am fully aware that it’s not any easy task to take on. Besides being the provider and protector of the family, society expects for you to love your children unconditionally without being looked at as a pushover, while at the same time not showing too much or too little emotion, yet still remaining stern and in charge.

Not an easy line to walk for most.

Not all, but many fathers end up showing love for their son or daughter by catering to the child’s wants and buying them the latest clothes, phones and whatever else to make them happy. Now, I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with doing that (Who doesn’t love a cool gift, right?), but there is another way to show how much you care that is far less expensive and much more heartfelt.

What is it you ask?


Those of you who have liked the Marti Ink Facebook page recently saw the viral video I posted of a father being interviewed about his son’s progress in school. Since it’s Father’s Day I feel that it is only fitting that I show this video again, not only to spotlight the beauty of a father/child relationship, but to also mention the importance of communicating with your child. Deep down inside practically everyone wants to know that they’ve made their parents proud, and the little boy in this video is no different. When he hears his father actually say that he is proud of him the reaction this boy has is priceless.

This Father’s Day I challenge all the dads out there, whether you’re fairly new to the game or have been doing this for over 30 years, to sincerely tell your child how proud you are of who they are and what they’ve accomplished. It doesn’t matter if you do it face-to-face, say it over the phone or send it in a letter, as long as you get the deed done is all that matters. You don’t have to take on this challenge today, but remember that time waits for no one. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. It’s better to tell someone how you feel about them sooner than later while you still can.

I hope that this challenge gives you the opportunity to become closer to the ones you love most.

Again, Happy Daddy Day. Click here to watch the video.

Until next time…