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Yesterday a segment of the morning show “Windy City Live,” co-hosted by Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini, got my attention while I drank my ginger tea. It was called “The best thing I did this week.” During this portion of the program, staff members shared with the audience the one thing they did during the week that they enjoyed most. After listening to what everyone had to say, I posed the same question to myself. What I came up with was this…

“Besides getting my taxes off, I would have to say the best thing I did this week was writing out a ‘creativity to-do list.'”

I know many may read this and say, “Really? That was the best thing you did?”

Don’t go judging me people.

I can see how this list can sound really boring to some, but if you had a week like mine crammed with busy work and deadlines, then you would understand how magical it can be to take the time to let your imagination go wild. Had it not been for my friend challenging me with a deadline for a painting project I may not have done the list at all.

Once I had mentally prepared myself to excepted the challenge I wrote down a few things I had been really wanting to do for a while; the ideas just kept coming (funny how some deadlines can end up being just the inspiration you need). By the time I finished my “creativity to-do list” it was over a page long! Making the list was the easy part. Now the hard part is going to be finding the time to complete the projects by my deadline. Wish me luck!

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Before you go “leave a comment” telling me about the best thing you did this week.