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Week 01.20.13 – Whenever I’m out in public working on my laptop someone always comments on the business card that I have taped over the computer’s camera.

“Why do you have that there?” they ask.

“So that no one can watch me while I’m on the computer,” I reply.

I usually get a strange look after that, followed by a simple, “Oh.”

I know this concept may sound like something only seen in a Hollywood movie (such as John Singleton’s 2011 thriller “Abduction” starring Taylor Lautner). Truth is this type of thing is happening every day to people all over the world. All it takes is a virus getting into your computer system via an email from a stranger. When you open it up the stranger on the other end has the ability to listen and watch whatever is going on wherever your computer may be.

Still don’t believe me? Click the link below to watch the full story from MSNBC.

*Computer virus turns laptop into a spy cam (MSNBC.com)

Another story that got my attention this week falls under Entertainment. Take look:


*Steve Harvey has a tearful moment on his “birthday” show (Huffington Post)


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