The Year In Review

When I decided to become a blogger I knew that I was taking on a huge challenge. Since the very first post, “Congratulations! It’s a Blog!,” I have made it my goal to share my thoughts on the subjects of creativity, entertainment and life in general. It hasn’t always been easy, but the challenge was met over the last year with 137 posts that were seen by people in 78 different countries.

Being able to connect with people from all across the globe through writing has been very exciting. It was because of this form of networking that Marti Ink was honored with the Liebster Blog Award, which was one of the highlights of the year.


From the beginning, there were plenty of posts I put up that I was sure would receive lots of hits, which wasn’t always the case. One thing that I have learned from blogging is that sometimes it’s hard to predict what people will be interested in. To my surprise the most read article of the year came from a “Head-turning Headlines” post titled “KFC Chicken Wrap Leaves Girl Brain Damaged.” The following are the top five Marti Ink posts that received the most views over the past 12 months:

1. The Week’s Head-turning Headlines (Week 04.22.12)

2. The Adidas Faux Pa, Shackle Sneaker Makes A Stink With The Public

3. Black Women & Hair, The Truth Can Set You Free

4. New Movie “Middle of Nowhere” Is Worth Your Time & Money

5. Designer Barbara Bates Talks About Life As “A Fashion Star”

Coming up with a new post every week was sometimes a challenge. I’ll admit that there were days when the ideas just weren’t flowing to my brain fast enough or some life circumstance didn’t allow me the opportunity to get my words written out in a timely manner. Fortunately for me, when those times arrived, I was blessed to be able to recruit fellow bloggers Erika Jones Purvis, Keith Purvis, Junice Rockman, and LaTonya Saqiid to lend their words to the site. I guess this means I’m in blogger debt to each of them now, which is only fair.

By creating this blog I have learned a lot about myself over this past year, and a lot about other people. The plan is to keep learning, growing creating, and inspiring from here on out. For those of you who have supported Marti Ink along this 365-day journey, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to read the stuff I write.

For the December and January newbies who qualified for the Marti Ink Giveaway, I have not forgotten about you. As promised, the randomly selected winner is…

Carol Vogt of Seattle, Washington

Carol will receive a gift card via snail mail just for signing up to “FOLLOW” this blog. If you missed out on this giveaway don’t fret. There will be more surprises in the near future.

Again, thank you all for reading Marti Ink. You are greatly appreciated.

Until next time,


One more thing! Big hug to Hilda, Jabrea, Nikitta, Sharon, Shirley, and Wendy for being the readers to leave the most comments on my blog posts. You ladies are the best!