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The country's first bookless library opens in Texas.

Texas moving forward with opening the country’s first bookless public library.

Week 01.13.13 – I don’t own an E-reader, but I am by no means against them. I just love books and probably always will. That’s why my heart skipped a beat when I read an article about San Antonio’s plans to open the country’s first bookless public library. Is this the way of the future? Go to the “Life in General” section to get the details. While you’re there read the story about the thief who wrote an apology letter and returned the stolen items 15 years later.

For all the people who believe that protesting is useless, read about how the highly controversial reality show “My Babies Mamas” went from upcoming premier to cancellation under “Entertainment.” In that same section get the details on why Chicago rapper Chief Keef will be serving a 60-day jail sentence.

Finally, for all my fellow fiction writers in search of tips on how to make the creative process smoother for their work in progress, read these great articles on pre-writing scenes and conflict by Janice hardy to get inspired.

Take a look at what else you may have missed in the headlines this week.

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*ATTENTION FICTION WRITERS: Tips on pre-writing your scenes (The Other Side of Story)

*ATTENTION FICTION WRITERS: Good advice for adding conflict to your story (The Other Side of Story)


*Reality show “My Babies Mamas” officially cancelled (MTV)

*Chief Keef in tears after being sentenced to 60 days in jail (NBC News)

Life in General:

*San Antonio plans to open country’s first bookless public library (bookriot)

*Some blacks in Africa believe black is not beautiful (Huffington Post)

*James Hood, one of the first Blacks to enroll at the Univ. of Alabama, dies (LA Times)

*Teacher fired after giving student a Bible (Huffington Post)

*Thief returns items he stole along with an apologetic letter (Yahoo)

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