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Connecticut shooting sends town and country in mourning.

Connecticut shooting sends town and country in mourning.

Week 12.10.12 – In an attempt to be more productive I haven’t watched TV in over a month. Even with that being the case, it was still nearly impossible to not hear about the devastating news that took place in Connecticut. See what President Obama had to say Sunday evening at the memorial service for the victims in the “Life in General” section. On a more upbeat note, read about the new memoir of Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas in the “Entertainment” section. One of the most memorable things I saw online this week can be found under “Creativity.” If you appreciate music you will love this video that shows the power of sheer will and how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Fair warning: you must be logged on to Facebook to see the video, otherwise it won’t open.  

Check out the other articles that got my attention this week.

 (Click on the titles below to read the articles and watch videos.)


*When it comes to music, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (Facebook Video)


*Justin Bieber murder plot foiled (CNN)

*Gabby Douglas debuts positive memoir (The Root)

*Possible motive behind NFL football player Jovan Belcher’s murder suicide (Yahoo)

Life in General:

*Watch a video of President Obama’s Sunday evening speech to the people of Newtown, CT. (CNN)

*What junk food does to your brain (Huffington Post)

*Is it possible predict violent behavior? (Psychology Today)

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