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Mysterious mutated animal crawls to shore near Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Week 07.22.12 – I know, I know. I haven’t done a Head-turning Headlines update in a minute. I will blame my wacky schedule for that.  Even though I haven’t been searching the web for articles as much as usual, there were still a few stories that caught my attention. The one I can’t seem to get out of my head is the story about the body of a mysterious creature found near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York (pictured above). OMG! This thing freaked me out! If you read the full story and take a look at the other photos in the “Life in General” section you might get freaked out too (YIKES!). In the “Entertainment” section you can read and watch video of the recent news involving Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family feud (What a hot mess.). While you’re at it take a read of what of President Obama is proposing for black students striving to get a better education.

Take a look at what else you may have missed:

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*Cute kid’s fashions (Skinny Hipster)


*Katherine Jackson looses temporary custody of grandchildren (ABC News)

Major drama surrounding Katherine Jackson and the famous Jackson family.

Life in General:

*Poor sleep linked to Alzheimer’s, Study (FOX News)

*Man rearrested after refusing to leave prison (The Grio)

*Mystery mutant animal crawls to shore near Brooklyn Bridge (Huffington Post)

*President Obama proposes educational excellence for African-Americans (Huffington Post)

President Obama proposes educational excellence plan for blacks.

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Photos: Huffington Post/Denise Ginley (Mutant); Fox News (K. Jackson) Huffington Post/AP (Pres. Obama)