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I know this isn’t a typical Sunday entry, but I couldn’t let the day go by without mentioning the good time I had at the 22nd Annual Chosen Few Picnic, also dubbed as “The largest house music picnic in America.” Yesterday Chicagoans once again proved that tens of thousands of people can come to an event, party in the name of house music, and do it all in an enjoyable and peaceful manner. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THAT!!!

I’ll admit that after several days in a row of record-breaking temperatures that reached 100 degrees and more, I was extremely hesitant about braving an open field beaming with sunlight. But after maneuvering my way through countless families and their tents (also known as Tent City) I was happy to unite with my other family members who had gotten to the park earlier that morning and settled in a spot where a cool breeze blew continuously off Lake Michigan. At times I almost forgot it was 95 degrees out (I said almost.)! Grills were sizzling, drinks were flowing and new friends were made while house music bumped from the center stage speakers from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening on Hayes Drive. For a few hours I was lost in a world where it was normal to see people of all ages dance in the grass the moment the music hit a special spot in their spirit. Good vibes were in the air and it was infectious.

I was even fortunate enough to see a random act of kindness with my own eyes. As my family and I made our way out of the park a VERY intoxicated young woman wearing one good sandal and one badly broken one, hobbled her way through the grass on her way to who knows where. Another woman – a stranger – ran up to her, said a few words then dropped a pair of CUTE, barley worn silver-studded flip-flops at the intoxicated woman’s feet, and walked away. As she passed me I said, “That was very nice of you.” She replied, “She was about to break her neck,” smiled and disappeared into the crowd.

It’s not a story you’ll hear about on the news, but we can never get enough reminders that good people do exist in the world. Even if they do like to party hard to house music all day long.

If you missed the Chosen Few Picnic this year I suggest you mark your calendar now for next year’s event. Come kick it with the House Heads and experience the day for yourself.

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Photos: http://www.goshorty.net; http://www.residentadvisor.net; http://www.chosenfewdjs.com