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Actress Halle Berry may have to pay some big bucks in child support to her daughter’s dad Gabriel Aubry if he gets his way.

Week 06.17.12 – It may be hard for some of us to believe sometimes but the rich and famous actually have their share of problems. Take Halle Berry for instance. According to recent reports the Oscar-winning actress may have to shell out $20,000 a month in child support to her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, even though they share joint custody. Read all about it in the “Entertainment” section. One famous face working hard at getting his finances back in order is former boxing champ Mike Tyson. He and movie maker Spike Lee are teaming up to produce a one-man show on Broadway with Tyson himself taking center stage. Should be interesting. You can find more about that in the “Entertainment” section too.  One story that kinda freaked me out was the new study that reports that pregnant women can drink more alcohol beverages without affecting the development of their unborn baby. Really? Why would you even want to chances that? Go to “Life in General” for all the details, then you can be freaked out too. While you’re at it, check out a few of the other articles that caught my eye this past week.

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*Angela Simmons makes a floral outfit look cute (Fashion Bomb Daily)

Spike & Mike team up to do Broadway show on Tyson’s life.


*Spike Lee & Mike Tyson team up for a one-man Broadway show (ABC News)

*Singer Bobby Brown ties the knot, again (Yahoo.com)

*Arsenio Hall to return to late-night TV (USA Today)

*Dwayne Wade’s ex faces attempted child abduction charges (WGNTV.com)

*Alice Walker rejects Hebrew edition of ‘The Color Purple’ due to their aparthied practices (MSNBC)

*Jennifer Hudson to launch clothing line for QVC (CNN)

*Will & Jada support Hilary Clinton in fight against human trafficking (Yahoo)

*Halle Berry ordered to pay a reported $20,000 a month in child support (Yahoo)

Birds prefer to poop on a specific color car when given a choice, according to a recent study.

Life in General:

*CNN’s Don Lemon scolds reporter for his behavior before President Obama  (New York Times.com)

*Bank glitch sends man on an expensive gambling spree (Yahoo)

*Fast & Furious: Eric Holder held in contempt (Washington Post)

*Moderate drinking while pregnant may not affect baby’s development (CBS News)

 *60 Extraordinary women changing the world (Fast Company)

*Red cars get hit with the most bird poop, study (Huffington Post)

Photos: Berry/whogottherole.com; Spike/Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images (ABC News); Bird/Rowawayfromtherocks.wordpress.com