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What’s up with the recent “zombie” attacks?

Week 05.27.12 – Regular readers of this blog are well aware that there hasn’t been a “Head-turning Headlines” post in two weeks, and I apologize for that. I was suffering from SKS. If you read this past Wednesday’s post you know what that is. If not, read more about SKS here, after you’ve read this post of course.

Anyone searching the Internet this week or watching the news knows that the recent stories in the headlines sound a lot more like trailers for a Hollywood blockbuster film than everyday news reports. For instance, there are “zombie” stories about crazed people eating other people, and then there’s the one about the insect bite (Chagas Disease) that can make your heart explode if you’re infected. What the hell going on? You can read about both stories in the “Life in General” section. A few posts back I put up a story about Andre 3000 shooting a Jimi Hendrix biopic.  Check out a few of the photos of the rapper-turned-actor in costume in the “Entertainment” section.

A few of these articles took place prior to last week, but I thought they were still interesting and wanted to share them with you anyway.  Leave me a message and let me know what you think.

(Click on the titles below to read the articles and watch videos.)


*Turn any surface into a whiteboard (Designtaxi.com/Project Osmosis.org)

*Legendary science fiction artist Leo Dillon dies at 79 (Blastr.com)

*An educator’s guide to learning in small spaces (My Small Potatoes)

*DYI: Decorate your home or office with a book page wreath (Down and Dirty Design)

Andre 3000 in costume as Jimi Hendricks


*Sneak peek of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix (Indie Wire)

*Should Diddy’s son return a $54,000 scholarship? (Yahoo)

*Are YA (Young Adult) book covers racists? (Huffington Post)

*Hit movie ’Think Like A Man’ banned in France due to all-black cast (Rolling Out)

*Actor/Family Feud Host Richard Dawson Dies at 79 (LA Times)

*The real reason why they repeat the same 20 songs on the radio (True Skool)

If bitten by this bug your heart could explode.

Life in General:

*Chagas disease: Is bug bite the new global pandemic? (Latino Fox News)

*5 Recent cases of cannibalism (Huffington Post)

*CDC denies zombies despite cannibal attacks (Daily Caller)

*From Homeless to Harvard (Yahoo News)

*Teen invents new way to detect pancreatic cancer (CNN)

*Worst Homework Excuse Award (Yahoo)

*Twin sisters achieve an extremely rare feat (WWLTV)

*Waiter gets $5,000 tip (Fox News)

Waiter gets great tip from customers

Photos: Andre 3000, http://www.indiewire.com, Chagas bug: http://www.foxnews.com