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If you read last week’s “Head-turning Headlines” you may have noticed the list of television shows that have recently been canceled in the “Entertainment” section. Omitted from that list of original programming is ABC’s new show “Scandal”. Why you may ask? Because creator/executive producer Shondra Rhimes has worked her magic and found a formula which allows the show to get better and better with each freaking episode.

According to the Huffington Post, Rhimes recently announced via Twitter that the show was picked up for its second season. This is good news for all the folks who enjoy White House dramas. I’m not a big fan of political dramas myself, but when I learned that there hasn’t been a black female on television in the lead character role in nearly three decades I had a greater desire to watch. With Kerry Washington as its star I had faith that the show was in good hands.

“Scandal” creator/executive producer Shondra Rhimes (L) takes part in a press junket with actress Kerry Washington (C) and co-executive producer Judy Smith. Other top-rated Rhimes creations include “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice”. (Reuters)

I am happy to say that neither Washington nor Rhimes have disappointed me. The show has quickly turned into must-see-TV for me on Thursday nights. Washington, who plays Olivia Pope, is the brains and main fixer of a high-powered crisis management team in D.C. Each week there is case to resolve, but what lingers from show-to-show is a scandal that involves the President of the United States, a pregnant – but now dead – political staffer, and of course some good old fashioned infidelity, all of which Pope is closely tied to.

The cast of ABC’s new hit drama “Scandal” will be returning for a second season. (ABC)

This all makes for great fiction for TV, but the thing that I find most fascinating about all this is that the show is “inspired” by a real life woman by the name of Judy Smith, who serves as co-executive producer and show adviser of the hour-long hit. This woman is AMAZING. When you read her impressive and lengthy bio it’s easy to see why Rhimes visualized an instant television hit after meeting her for the first time. Smith, whose background is in public relations and law, is “that person” that celebrities, politicians and other public figures go to in real life when their lives have taken a turn for the worse because of some scandal that could end their careers. Her name has been attached to cases involving former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, former D.C. mayor Marion Barry, actor Wesley Snipes and NFL player Michael Vick to name a few. Take a look at what she has to say about her life being turned into a television drama.

Judy Smith, the author of Good Self, Bad Self, stomps out high-profile scandals on a regular basis in her real life. (Washington Post)

If you haven’t seen the show yet I suggest you give it a try and go online to watch the past six episodes to catch up. Be sure to watch the finale of season one, which airs tomorrow, May 17, at 10pm EST on ABC. I’ll bet you end up hooked on “Scandal” just like I am.

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