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There once was a time when the mere thought of drinking a green beverage would have made me sick to my stomach, unless of course it was a super sugary drink like Lemon Lime Kool Aid (and even that wasn’t my favorite). I’m glad to say that as I have matured, so has my palate. I’ve grown to love the taste of broccoli, spinach and can even cook a mean pot of collard greens (I’m just saying), but the thought of actually drinking my vegetables instead of eating them wasn’t something that I found appealing.

At my house, when it comes to food, the hubby is far more adventurous than I am. For the longest he talked about how much he wanted to juice. I listened, and continue to eat my veggies like I always had without thinking twice about his plan to change our eating habits. But when we received a juicer as a gift it became clear to me that the threat of having to drink uncooked vegetables had become very real. To be honest, I’m really not sure why the thought disgusted me so much, but it did. Something about it just didn’t look right to me. I saw other people drinking this stuff and it just looked soooo thick and so, so, green.

One day, not too long ago, the hubby and I were watching a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead about an overweight man who cured an illness he had been suffer from by juicing. He attributed his success story to a juice drink he called The Green Machine. Of course, after seeing that the hubby was all hyped again about juicing. I’ll admit that it was a pretty impressive tale. This dude had healed himself and lost a ton of weight in the process. But, one of the things that stuck with me the most was the fact that this man, who at one point looked like he never ate a healthy thing in his life, said The Green Machine drink was actually really good.


Really good?

Hmmm. Now I was curious.

That movie inspired me to look up some Green Machine recipes online and ask other juicers I knew about their own green drink concoctions. There are lots of variations on the recipe, but I learned that the main ingredient that makes the drink green is the kale. If you read my weekly Head-turning Headlines post a couple weeks back you would have seen the article on the benefits of kale. It’s one of nature’s super foods. I figured my super powers could use a boost, so off to the grocery store we went. The next day I made the drink, sipped with caution and guess what? I lived! Not only that, I actually thought the stuff was pretty darn good.

Now the thing I despise like you would not believe, is cleaning out that freakin’ juice machine. That sucks big time! But, now that I’m officially a juicer, I guess it’s something I’ll just have to deal with.

Interested in trying a The Green Machine drink for yourself? Here’s the recipe we followed:

*2-4 stems of kale

*1 handful of baby leaf spinach

*1 stalk of celery

*1 cucumber (some people use half of one)

*1 lemon

*2 large carrots

*2 large apples (we used red, but many people use green)

*ginger root (to taste)

(Note: If you want to sweeten things up a bit, add another carrot or two. Also, I think the drink taste best when served cold.)

That’s pretty much it. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re up for a challenge and enjoy tasty beverages I suggest you give it a try at least once. If the color is an issue for you like it was for me, just close your eyes and sip. You may enjoy  drinking your veggies just as much as I do.

Happy juicing!

Before you go, “leave a comment” telling me about your juicing experience. If you have any good recipes please share them. I need some new ideas.

Until next time…


Photos: Daily Bites, Alkaline Sisters