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Week 03.26.12 – Until the people feel that the shooting of Travyon Martin is handled properly stories on the Florida teen’s death will continue to make news. A Martin article that for sure caught my attention this week was the one about Spike Lee tweeting the wrong Zimmerman address to the masses. Yikes! Read about it under the entertainment section. On a much lighter note, I was in awe when I saw the photo-like pencil work of artist Paul Cadden (shown above). Be sure to take a look at this man’s amazing talent. When you’re done click on the links of the other news articles that turned my head.

(Click on the titles below to read the articles and watch videos.)


* Artist Makes Pencil Drawings Look Like Photos (Yahoo)

* Black Designer Promotes Empowerment Through Fashion   (Black Enterprise)

* Hooper D Wade To Publish A Children’s Book (Madame Noire)

* Book Effortless Marketing For Writers Could Be A Good Read (Amazon.com)


* Spike Pays Up (And Apologizes) After Tweeting The Wrong Zimmerman Address (Yahoo/Associated Press)

* Celebs Create Music Video in Trayvon Martin’s Memory (Madame Noire)

* Magic & Group Buys The Dodgers (CBS Sports)

* Race Controversy Over ‘Hunger Games’ Characters (Yahoo)

Life in General:

* Zimmerman Police Video Released (ABC News)

* Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush Kicked Off House Floor Honoring Trayvon Martin (YouTube)

* How To Know When To Stay Or Go In A Relationship (Match.com via yahoo)

* How To Find A Mentor (The Root)

* Chicago’s Urban Prep High School Continues Its 100% College Acceptance Rate (Chicago Tribune)

Photo: Yahoo.com