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One headline hard to overlook this week was the one about the recent release of the 911 tapes connected with the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin (pictured above). Go to the “Life in General” section and take a listen for yourself to see why so many people are enraged.  Did you know that rapper/producer Ice Cube studied architecture before he became famous? Listen to what he has to say about world famous designers Charles and Ray Eames under “Creativity.” Warning, some profanity is used in this video, but hey, it’s Ice Cube. We should be use to it by now. Oh, and did you hear that Steve Harvey is bringing his new daytime talk show to Chicago? Read about it under “Entertainment.” Here are some other headlines you may have missed this past week.

(Click on the titles below to read the articles and watch videos.)


* Ice Cube celebrates the Eames modern architecture (Ron Gordon Dot Com)

* Do you have a fresh and innovative idea? Then check out Get on the Shelf. (Indiewire.com)

* Wow! Nice car! (A Talent for Design)


* George Clooney & father arrested in Sudan (Huffington Post / Associate Press

* The the world’s 6 black billionaires (The Grio)

* Roland Martin suspension suspended (Madame Noire)

* Steve Harvey brings daytime talk show to Chicago (Chicago Sun-Times)

Life in General:

* Ohio lawmaker trying to pass Viagra bill (MSNBC)

* Girl sues school over Facebook password (New York Daily News)

* Friends & family receive emails from dead friend (Yahoo News)

* A treasured trunk with historic roots found In Chicago attic (Chicago Sun-Times)

* 911 Tapes released in shooting death of Trayvon Martin (ABC News)

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Photo: abcnews.com