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Today I feel like total crap.


All week I have been fighting some sort of bug that comes in waves where I feel hot, queasy and light-headed all at once. When I’m not suffering through that I’m having coughing fits accompanied by a raw throat. Like I said, total crap.

I know I should be in the bed right now trying to ride this thing out, but I just wanted to check my blog stats first before I shut myself off from the rest of the world. Many of you who operate your sites through WordPress know what I’m talking. It can be somewhat addicting.

I began my blog back in January so I’m still a newbie at this thing. Anytime I get a new follower or a new “like” I’m happy. Hell, just to know that somebody somewhere is reading something I wrote about is rewarding. One of the reasons I chose to go with WordPress was because of the statistics offered about your site. For you non-WordPress people, it’s a very cool feature that allows you to see how many “views” you receive in a day from the many people surfing the World Wide Web. Now WordPress has added this new feature that shows if someone from another country has clicked on your site. Usually I just get clicks from folks here in the states, but today the stats show that someone clear across the world in South Africa and Russia visited my blog! I know this may mean nothing to many of you, but for me this is SO FREAKIN EXCITING!

I’m officially global! Yay!!!

OK, now that that’s done, I’m taking my sick butt to bed.

Until next time,