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Thanks to Davy Jones I had a “Brady Bunch” flashback today. Since I read about the death of Jones earlier, a singer in the late 60s group The Monkees, I can’t seem to get his song Girl out of my head, which really isn’t a bad thing. But, because I’ve been singing it and not just thinking about it, the hubby might have a different opinion on that.

I’m almost positive that I’ve seen every episode of the “Brady Bunch” ever created. And I know I’m not alone (even though some of you may not want to admit it). When I was a kid I had a strict after-school routine which went like this:

(1)    Drop my books on the table.

(2)    Grab something to eat from the kitchen.

(3)    Watch “The Brady Bunch” (and then “Gilligan’s Island”).

(4)    And, oh yeah, do my homework.

From Marcia being busted in the nose with a flying football to Peter and his awkward adolescent voice change, you name it, I’ve seen it. But the episodes that involved music had to be some of my favorites of all time, which brings me back to the reason for today’s flashback. The song Girl was sung by Jones when he made a special guest appearance on the show. For those of you not up on your “Brady Bunch” trivia that was the episode where Marcia lied to her friends and said she could get the singer to come to her school and perform at their prom because she was his number one fan. According the Chicago’s ABC 7 News, that episode is the single most rerun show in the “Brady Bunch” line-up.

On the show Jones sang the song in a recording booth and seconds later I was singing it too, but with a really bad British accent. It’s not like the song Girl was “the jam” or anything, even for back then, but it was fun to sing and catchy as hell; so catchy that I’ve been singing it all freaking day.

When I heard about the passing of Jones I shared the news with two of my best friends (whose names both happen to be Nichole/Nicole). To my surprise they both let out a slight gasp just like I did when they heard the news. And just like I did, one of them (Nichole) began singing Girl. Hey, what can I say, birds of feather. What followed were a series of giggles about “Brady Bunch” reruns and talk of being a kid.

Today a Monkee made me smile by reminding me of a simpler, more carefree time in my life. Thanks for the memories Davy Jones. May you rest in peace.

To hear the song and watch the video of Girl click here.

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