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Valentine’s Day is a day away, so to give you lovers out there some last minute ideas Chicago-based Party Planner Erika Jones Purvis, proprietor of A Social Life, stopped by to offer a few tips on how to make this V-Day extra sweet for your sweetie. So without further ado, here’s Erika.

Erika Jones Purvis, party planner & proprietor of A Social Life

The guy who wrote the lyrics to the classic tune “My Funny Valentine” was on to something when he told lovers everywhere that “each day is Valentine’s Day.” Ideally, that’s the way it should be in your home at all times if you want to keep the romance alive. Here are a few things to always keep on standby for V-Day and any other day of the week that you want to make special in the weeks and years to come.

You probably already have candles in your home just in case of a power outage. Well, buy more. Purchase various sizes and shapes but try to shy away from fragrance candles. Too many smells will kill the ambiance you are trying to create and just might cause a headache. Remember the goal is to create your own power outage.

*Rose Petals
This is something you should keep in the back of your refrigerator at all times.  Buy a pack of rose petals at the grocery store or local floral shop or do it yourself by breaking apart three single roses and placing them a container. Here’s a tip: Visit your neighborhood floral shop and ask if they have any roses that they are going to be throwing out and tell them that you need the petals. Usually they are not throwing out the roses because they are bad, but because they have bloomed too early, which makes perfect petals for you. If you’re lucky you might get a discount too.

*Lingerie or a Costume
Ladies you don’t have to have a full line of lingerie in your closet, but you do need a little something-something here and there. A very sexy panty could do the trick. If you feel that you do not have anything sensual in stock, stop reading this now and go out and get something.  Not only will he like it, but it will make you feel and look good too. As for the fellas, I honestly doubt if your lady would ever want to see you in lingerie, but you know that superhero costume you paid a pretty penny for around Halloween? Bring that out and start saving the day! I’m just saying! Women like for men to play dress-up too.

*A Bottle of Champagne, Prosecco or Wine
Like water, you always need wine, champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco, or something in your home to set the mood and quench your thirst. Stay ready by having at least one or two bottles on standby at all times for special occasions. Trust me, you don’t want to have to make going to the liquor store a regular part of your errands.

*Elegant Tableware (Plates, Wine Glass & Napkins)
This is truly an ambiance enhancer and helps make the food you prepared look more delightful. Set aside a little money (you don’t need a lot) and purchase some really nice plates, wine glasses, and napkins. You do not have to get a full set; at least four beautiful plates will do. I recommend that you get white plates. It gives a clean canvas to show off your special meals and gives you flexibility to play with various colors with your centerpiece and napkins.

As for napkins, buy four really nice cloth napkins, which come in an array of colors and textures. They are very inexpensive and easy to wash, and it adds a bit of delicacy to your table. Finally, buy a set of four wine glasses or champagne flutes. You can either get a set of white or red wine glasses, based on the type of wine you and lover drink most often. I know you may be saying, “I already have those. No need to buy another set.” But I will say this, you need a set of glasses strictly for the two of you. I personally have a pair of Tiffany champagne flutes and a set of wine glasses that are only for my husband and I that my friends will never see. That way they won’t get broken. I’ll always have them, and my husband knows that when those glasses come out, we have a personal special occasion going on. Ladies, I’m telling you that men pay attention, and they learn when certain things come out – it’s going DOWN!

*Two Feathers
Yep, I said it, two feathers or any other “accessories” you like to have to set the mood are always fun. That little extra something keeps your relationship spicy and changes things up a bit.

*Massage Oils & Body Scrubs
Save that spa money and bring the spa home. Purchase a nice massage oil and body scrub. Make sure you read the label to insure no allergic reactions. Take turns relaxing each other followed by a warm bath.

There you have it; a mini check-list of items necessary to create a sensual setting in your home. Don’t just wait to one day of the year to pull out all your cards. Make this a regular routine. It does not have to be every day, it does not have to be elaborate, but it needs to be often.

Have A Happy Valentine’s YEAR!


A Social Life is a party planning and event design company which specializes in intimate and social events and gatherings. To learn more about A Social Life visit www.asocialife.com.

Before you go, tell us about the best Valentine’s Day gift you were given or one that you gave.