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Viola Davis at the 81st Academy Awards

I’m sending out a big, fat congratulatory hug to both Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer for their recent wins at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Davis took home the Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role honor while Spencer walked away with the title of Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role for their portrayal of Mississippi maids during the 1960s in the hit movie The Help. Each actress gave an eloquent acceptance, but it was what Davis had to say that has stuck with me.

From the podium a glassy-eyed Davis, looked out into the audience and thanked legendary actresses Cecily Tyson and Meryl Streep for inspiring her to become an actor. Before exiting the stage she sent a special message to the children in Central Falls, Rhode Island where she grew up. She told them, “Dream big, and dream fierce.”

Not to take anything away from the kids in Central Falls, but that message is one that we as adults should all heed to as well. As children most of us are taught that we can become anything we want to be when we grow up; but for many, somewhere along that winding road to adulthood our dreams seem to become distant and over time out of reach. Maybe your dream got deferred once the kids came along demanding all your time. Perhaps you gave up thinking about what you wanted out of life because work got in the way, that is of course if you’re lucky enough to be working at all. Everyone’s story is unique, but oddly enough many can relate to that feeling of giving up on something special you once saw as part of your future.

It’s no secret that life has a way of sending you off course of your good intentions, but that’s only if you let it. Oftentimes the only thing really standing in the way of you fulfilling that dream is quite simply, you. If becoming an actor is something that you’ve longed to be you can’t expect it happen if you’re sitting on the couch wishing you were on the TV screen instead of someone else. You have to take action. Start small by taking a local acting class, then work up the nerve to go on a few auditions. You may get a part, you may not, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Acting not your thing? What about that book you keep talking about writing, or that cute little store you always wanted to open up? I could go on giving countless examples of dreams to pursue, but it all comes back to this: If there is still something you want out of life you have to go for it.

Today marks the beginning of the second month of a new year. Take advantage of the day and this new opportunity you have been given to make a move towards pursuing something you’ve always wanted. Remember, baby steps do count.

Dream big. Dream fierce. Just keep dreaming.

To see Viola Davis give her acceptance speech click here.

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Before you go, here’s a question for you:

Do you still have the audacity to dream? If the answer is yes, share with me the dream you plan to pursue.

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